New development for UK’s train ticketing systems: Atos Origin committed to delivering best fares to UK commuters

Atos Origin, an international IT services company, today announced the acquisition of the Tribute Desktop Ticket Issuing Software (TIS). The acquisition completes Atos Origin’s rail retailing portfolio consolidating its leading position as provider of IT and ticketing systems for the UK travel sector.

As part of today’s agreement, Atos Origin will acquire the essential software that makes it easy for passengers to find the best fare and access their tickets in the most convenient way. This software is vital for the management of ticket and fare information by train operating companies, and ensures the customer experience is seamless at the point of sale.

Atos Origin has committed to further developing the Tribute Desktop Ticket Issuing Software to ensure it continues to meet and exceed the needs of the train operating companies, rail retailers and passengers.

Tony Lacy, General Manager for Transport at Atos Origin, said: “This software is a vital component of rail travel and infrastructure that keeps the UK on track. Whilst it operates behind the scenes, passengers rely on it to access the best fare and receive their ticket in the easiest way possible – either from self-service kiosks, ticket offices, on-train, mobile or e-ticketing. We are committed to further enhance the customer experience, whilst offering train operators increased revenue and reduce costs.”

“Today’s deal follows the acquisition last year of Shere – a market leader of integrated self-service, web and desktop systems for UK rail and hospitality markets – and marks the next major step in our strategy to be the leading retail provider for UK rail. It also highlights the confidence that the Train Operating Companies have in us. We are absolutely committed to innovation and will continue to work closely with the rail industry to deliver improved retailing solutions that reduce the cost of sale.”

Tribute Limited was created following the privatisation of British Rail in 1996 to manage the systems supporting more than 750 terminals across the UK. Since 1996, Atos Origin has been its IT partner with responsibility for IT support and software development.


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