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São Paulo opens first of new line 5 stations

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São Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin has officially opened Adolfo Pinheiro station – the first of 11 new stations being built along an extension of the city’s Line 5.

From February 12, passengers have been able to travel beyond the current eastern terminus station, Largo Treze.

Around $7.5 billion is being invested in the Line 5 upgrade, which once complete will more than double the current 8.5 kilometre route and add an extra 26 trains onto the line.

Expected to be completed in 2016, an estimated 781,000 passengers are predicted to use the line every day.

The new station features automatic platform doors and is expected to welcome 14,ooo passengers a day.

The extended Line 5 – Lilac will connect with São Paulo’s Line 1 – Blue and Line 2 – Green and improve accessibility to some of the city’s main medical centres.


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