Regional train collides with TGV in Southern France

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An investigation has been launched after a regional TER train crashed into the back of a slow-moving TGV in south western France, seriously injuring several passengers.

In a statement, Alain Krakovitch, chief executive of safety at SNCF, said the TGV, which was carrying 175 passengers from Paris to Tarbes, was travelling at less than 30 km/h after passing a stuck red signal when it was struck by the TER train, which was travelling at normal speed.

SNCF said that 17 passengers had been injured, three seriously, but reports have varied.

Photo: SNCF.

The signal had been undergoing maintenance to fix the fault shortly before the collision at 5.25pm on July 19, between the towns of Lescar and Artix.

Investigations will now be conducted by the Bureau of Land Transport Accident Investigation (BEA TT) and SNCF to establish why the TER, which was carrying 80 passengers, stopped at the signal and continued at normal speed.

Jacques Rapoport, president of infrastructure manager RFF and Alain Krakovitch said they planned to meet the injured and their families.


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