Adif awards high-speed traction power maintenance contract

Spanish infrastructure manager Adif has awarded a €187.7 million contract for the maintenance of traction power systems along 2,300 kilometres of high-speed railway.

The 10-year deal, which covers the OLE, substations and associated systems, has been won by a consortium comprising Alstom Transport, Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios, Elecnor, Electren, Inabensa, Sociedad Española de Montajes Industriales and Siemens.

Lines covered include Madrid-Sevilla, Córdoba-Málaga, La Sagra-Toledo, Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French frontier, Zaragoza-Tardienta & Vandellós-Tarragona, Madrid-Valencia, Albacete-Alicante, Madrid-Valladolid and Olmedo-Medina.


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