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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Avanti West Coast customers to benefit from partnership with live journey website

  • Realtime Trains website to share live information to help customers plan ahead
  • Site relays details including rolling stock, length of train and wheelchair spaces
  • Rail enthusiasts will also be access details of what trains are running  

Avanti West Coast has signed up with the popular live journey information website, Realtime Trains to help improve information for customers. 

From 11 March, the Realtime Train’s ‘Know Your Train’ feature will provide extra details about Avanti West Coast services.

These include the type of rolling stock allocated to each service, with handy information about number of carriages and the location of onboard facilities such as toilets, wheelchair spaces, bike storage and the shop.

In addition, “Know Your Train” will allow enthusiasts to easily find out if their favourite Pendolino or Voyager is in service, including the popular Pride Train (set number 390119).

Pendolino Cab – Pride Train
Voyager – Avanti livery
Pendolino Cab – Avanti Livery

Before signing up with Realtime Trains, users could only track Avanti West Coast’s train’s progress, including calling points, platforms and timings.  Now by pairing up live data feeds from Network Rail with an Avanti West Coast rolling stock database, the site can provide more detailed information.

Paul Lawry, from the Partnerships and Strategy team at Avanti West Coast worked with Realtime Train on the new feature. He said: “The Realtime Trains website is a great way for our customers to plan ahead, with helpful advice to make their journey as stress free as possible.

“Whilst we only have two types of trains in our fleet, they are used in different formations. Any advance information we can give them prior to the train’s arrival into the platform, will help reassure and ensure they are where they need to be.”

Realtime Trains Screenshot example – 1815 Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston

Tom Cairns, Founder of Realtime Trains, said: “It’s great to have Avanti West Coast onboard which takes the coverage of the ‘Know Your Train’ feature to over 40% of UK passenger train miles. “As the railway looks forward to welcoming more customers back in the coming months, it’s important we take advantage of new and innovative ways to inform and help reassure the travelling

Photo credit: Avanti West Coast

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