Public transport used in London more than anywhere else in UK

The Office of National Statistics produced research last week about how people commute to work.

In the capital, only 35% drive to work and around half of all workers take public transport (20% the train, 18% the Underground and 12% the bus).

Outside London, only 9% of workers took any form of public transport to work.

So, with almost half of all people working in London using public transport to get there, it is far more heavily relied on than anywhere else in the country.

Transport for London’s research showed that 43% of households in London don’t own a car, and with congestion charges, the cost of running a car and large volumes of traffic, it’s no wonder so many people in the city choose public transport to get to work.

With the rising cost of petrol and reports of increased revenue from train operating companies who serve London, it is clear that people are choosing the train rather than a car, to get to work in the city.

In the rest of the UK, over 75% of people use a car to travel to work which makes London unique in its large use of public transport.


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