HST re-engine project completed

The project to re-engine Britain’s HST fleet with MTU engines, with the exception of East Midland Trains who opted for VP 185s, as part of a life extension programme, has been completed.

Grand Central’s 43384 was the last power car to be released. It was lowered onto its bogies at the Brush works in Loughborough on March 17th, St Patrick’s Day. This brings a scheme, started in 2005 with two First Great Western power cars, to its conclusion and consigns the screaming sound of a Valenta turbo to history.

During their 12 week stay at Brush each power car not only received a 16 cylinder MTU engine, but had new Brush cooler groups and electronics installed along with a bogie overhaul. As well as being much quieter MTU engines are also much more efficient and considerably cleaner compared to a Valenta engine – qualities appreciated by staff and passengers alike.

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