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Victoria orders new V/Line carriages

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Bombardier is to supply 40 new V/Line DMUs for the Australian state of Victoria.

State Premier Ted Baillieu and Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder announced today (November 6) that the new cars would be delivered by late 2016 in line with completion of the Regional Rail Link.

The new V/Line carriages will be built by rolling stock manufacturer Bombardier at its Dandenong South factory.

There are currently 134 VLocity carriages operating on the region’s rail network.

Baillieu said: “The Coalition Government has secured excellent value for money for Victorian taxpayers for this contract worth more than $200 million.

“This order will deliver 40 new carriages which will help to meet the demands of continuing growth as well as the expansion that will be made possible with the completion of the Regional Rail Link in 2016.”

Transport Minister Terry Mulder said: “This is the first new order of regional trains since 2009, during which time demand on key regional lines has grown significantly.

“The Government now has on order 40 new VLocity carriages for the regional network, seven new trains for the metropolitan network and 50 new trams to build capacity for years to come.

“This is in addition to our commitment to purchase up to 33 additional new trains for our metropolitan network.”


  1. Sometimes something gets published that you know something about and you wonder what the press and pollies do for there pay. That price is a massive massive rip off !!! The trains are a 20 year old design full of old technology, same type and quality of cars in Asia and Europe are nearly half the price!! (Not talking about cheap and dangerous ones either.) Govenment should have saved 50 mill and done their homework. Thats 250 more cops or 300 more nurses or 14 more vline cars at a non rip off price or 60 more metro cars!!! (Or just 50 mill less debt) Probably the rediculous reason they would give for this crazy cost is local jobs (and dont believe the inflated numbers they give of 70 jobs or something either), but even if you build in Australia, ok its more expensive but not 50% more than Japan or Europe! Hope the trains are gold plated or something.

  2. Interesting thoughts Cat Mangler, wonder what they would think at AusRail, what would be your alternative suggerstion. Marc, Editor of Rail.co, part of Rail Media Group


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