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Union claims Network Rail is ‘to sack’ long distance staff

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The Transport Salaried Staffs Association has claimed Network Rail is ‘planning to sack hundreds of staff for living too far away from their work’.

The union claims ‘two out of every five staff at their London HQ will be axed this summer if they live more than 75 minutes travelling time from the rail firm’s new £30 million headquarters at Milton Keynes’.

“This is an unfair and arbitrary decision which we believe to be unlawful,” said union general secretary Manuel Cortes.

He has written to Network Rail ‘warning bosses that the union will take legal action to defend its members right’ to move to Milton Keynes.

A spokesman for Network Rail said:

“We are pulling together dozens of offices from around the country into one national centre at Milton Keynes that will deliver a better, more efficient way of working and save taxpayers tens of millions of pounds per year.

“We are talking and working with each individual about the move, encouraging relocation, making help available and putting transitional arrangements in place.”



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