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Trafikverket pushes for further development of Sydostlänken link

Transport agency Trafikvervet has urged the Swedish government to consider a new freight link between Älmhult and Karlshamn in the country’s next national transport plan.

A new study by Trafikverket into the Sydostlänken line has shown the economic benefits that a new freight link to the country’s south east coast would create.

The rail infrastructure already exists along the 41 kilometre route between Älmhult and Olofstroem, however, a new 30 kilometre stretch of railway would need to be constructed between Olofstroem and the Blekinge coastal line.

The project, which would cost around €2.5 billion, would not only involve building the new section of railway but upgrading and electrifying the existing infrastructure.

Trafiverket’s new report suggests that the link would significantly improve the transportation of freight traffic from the north of Sweden to Gothenburg and then on to Blekinge and eastern Europe and Asia.

Although the main aim of the project is to develop rail freight routes, Trafikverket said that further work would be carried out to look at running passenger services along the new line.

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