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Scottish rail fares set to fall

Some Scottish rail fares will be cut by 41 per cent next month as ministers seek to fix flaws in the ticketing system.

The price of more than a quarter of a million tickets will be reduced to remove inconsistencies in the system that can often lead to massive fluctuations in ticket costs for the same journey.

By removing split-ticketing, the Scottish government is hoping to make end-to-end tickets consistently the cheapest option for passengers.

A significant £2.28 million investment will also see the price of tickets fall on some routes from May 19.

The biggest saving will be on a ticket from Dundee to Portlethan, which will be reduced by 41 per cent from £27.90 to £16.60.

Transport Minister Keith Brown said: “We have always been clear on our commitment to getting more people on Scotland’s trains and a major factor in that has been ensuring affordable and easily understood fare structures.

“It became apparent that, due to historic pricing regimes in the franchise specification agreed by the previous administration in 2004, passengers had to navigate their way through a fares database to find the best deal.

“That’s not what we want. We want a fares system which is quick and easy to use and which provides the cheapest fare possible. And that is what we and ScotRail are now delivering.”



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