Retirement of Director of Peninsula Rail Program

Statement by CEO Roelof van Ark:

On behalf of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, I commend Robert “Bob” Doty for his service to the development of a statewide high-speed train system linking San Francisco to Los Angeles.

As the Director of the Peninsula Rail Program, Bob has spent the past two years working with stakeholders along the Peninsula to develop an environmental document that will ultimately guide the design and construction of the high-speed train system between San Jose and San Francisco.

Bob’s leadership has set the stage for continued progress along the San Francisco to San Jose section of the statewide system. With a certain construction starting point and starting date, the Authority will begin reviewing next steps for the entire system, including the continued work along the San Francisco to San Jose section.

A partnership was built between the High-Speed Rail Authority and Caltrain to bring benefits to each system, and that need for partnership remains – perhaps more now than ever before. We look forward to continuing collaboration between the high-speed rail project and stakeholders along the Peninsula to fulfill the promise and the benefits of a high-speed train not just between San Francisco and San Jose but for our entire state.


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