Queensland Rail donates unclaimed lost property to charity

Almost 1,200 items left on Queensland Rail’s City network trains have been donated to the Salvation Army, giving the unclaimed property a second life and helping out the less fortunate.

Queensland Rail’s Lost Property Office recently handed over bags of clothes, shoes, books, toys and hats to Major Bryce Davies, Team Leader of the Brisbane Street level Mission Salvation Army.

Chief Customer Officer Theo Taifalos said staff from the lost property office wanted to support a charity and help those in need, so they put aside unclaimed items that could be donated to this good cause.

“The Salvation Army is one of the largest and most diverse social welfare providers in the world, and will be able to distribute the lost items to new owners in need,” Mr Taifalos said.

Major Bryce Davies from the Salvation Army said the items will be spread far and wide and help many people in need.

“Items such as blankets, books, and clothes will be handed out locally to help the disadvantaged,” Major Davies said.

“We’ll give some of the items away to people in dire need of things like clothing and shoes.

“There are other items in amongst the 26 bags that we’ll be able to sell, allowing us to collect money to help more people who need our help and support.”

More than 1,200 items make their way to the Queensland Rail lost property office each month including the expected umbrellas, wallets, mobile phones and bags as well as many weird and wonderful items that have been left behind on trains.

“Among the unusual items that have made their way to the lost property office are a stethoscope, false teeth, a television and the contents of a kitchen including cutlery, crockery, spices and an electric jug,” Chief Customer Officer Theo Taifalos said.

“We are surprised by what items people carry on trains and how they manage to leave them behind.

“Our lost property team is determined to reunite these treasures with their owners and call schools, stores, video shops and banks to help find them.

“It’s very rewarding when we return an item to its rightful owner. This year a woman burst into tears when she was told her $4,000 bracelet had been handed in to the lost property office. She thought she’d never see it again.”



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