Paris Metro Line 4 automation approved

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French Transport authority Stif has approved plans to fully automate Paris Metro Line 4 by 2022.

Line 4 will utilise a fleet of eight trains currently in operation on Line 14, following in the footsteps of Line 1, which has been fully automated since December 2012.

Driverless vehicles will reduce headways during peak times, increasing rush hour capacity on the line.

Line 4 is just over 12 kilometres and serves 27 stations along the Paris Metro.

Stif also said the project would improve ‘regularity, its quality of service, its reactivity and safety thanks to the installation of platform screen doors’.

Work is set to begin in 2014.

Pierre Mongin, president/director general of the RATP, said: “The priority of the RATP, is the improvement of the quality of service for the Paris travellers, the automation of line 4 is an important step in the realisation of this goal.”


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