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Oran tram network opens

Algerian officials have joined RATP chief executive Pierre Mongin to inaugurate Oran’s new tram network.

Around 90,000 people are expected to use the city’s new light rail system, which opened fully on May 2, each day.

The 18.7 km tramway will be operated and maintained by Setram – a joint venture owned by RATP Dev, Entreprise du Métro d’Alger (EMA) and Etablissement Public de Transport Urbain et Suburbain d’Alger (ETUSA)

Algerian Transport Minister Amar Tou and Abdelmalek Boudiaf, the Wali of Oran, joined Mongin on May 1 to officially open the route.

“RATP Group, which already operates the metro and tramway service in Algiers, is delighted to participate alongside its Algerian partners in the development of a new, high-quality, public transport network in Algeria”, said Mongin.

“With this achievement the group strengthens its position as a world leader in tramway services and is deploying all its abilities in this very important project for the people of Oran.”

Setram will take control of a new network in Constantine this summer and is currently pursuing further light rail opportunities in Sidi Bel Abbès, Ouargla and Mostanagem.




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