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Nottingham tram bridge takes shape

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The first section of Nottingham’s new tram bridge is being slid into place this week.

The bridge, which measures 104 metres long and weighs over a thousand tonnes, will be moved in 2.6 metre cycles between 8pm and 6am on five nights this weekNottingham tram bridge.

Built in two sections because of its size, The Karlsruhe Friendship Bridge is part of the city’s light rail extension project, connecting the south and south west of the city.

The first half has been built on top of four temporary towers at a height that will allow it to be launched over Queens Road into its final position over Nottingham Station.

Once the first half of the bridge is positioned over Queens Road, the second section will be constructed and joined with the initial structure before being launched over the station later in the year.

In 2014, work will also take place to lay a concrete base on the bridge and install the tram tracks and tram stop to Nottingham Station.

Nottingham tramOnce complete, the station bridge will connect with two further bridges to be positioned over Station Street and Queens Road.

The three new bridges replicate the bridges which once stood in the same locations – Queens Road, Station Street and over the station – and formed part of the Great Central Railway.

Martin Carroll, NET Phase Two project director for Taylor Woodrow Alstom, said: “The team has worked hard to bring the bridge to its current stage which has involved innovative and complex temporary works.

“The support of our supply chain partners, Cleveland Bridge and Mammoet, has been key to delivery.

“There remains much work to do, but the entire project team is motivated by this significant milestone.

“When complete, the combined bridges will form a landmark structure and become symbolic of the transport system within Nottingham of which the extended tram network is part.”


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