Nomad Digital acquires technology assets and staff of Lysatiq

Nomad Digital, the UK-based global market leader in train data connectivity, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the technology portfolio of Berlin based research and product development company, Lysatiq GmbH.

The acquisition also allows Nomad to open a new base in Berlin. This expansion follows the recent announcement of new offices in Paris.

Lysatiq is a highly innovative mobile communications engineering company with a product range that provides outstanding performance enhancements for mobile networks, both cellular (2G/3G/4G) and satellite.

These products, and the staff that developed them, will now be fully integrated into Nomad’s train connectivity operations and platform.

In modern cellular networks, Lysatiq’s enhancements often result in a 2 or 3 times faster Web user experience even when stationary.

In the presence of many network disruptions, as in moving trains, the throughput advantage can rise to a factor of 13, with reduced timeouts and fewer sessions dropped.

The product portfolio acquired by Nomad as part of this transaction that will be combined with Nomad’s existing suite of patents.

Nomad’s CEO, Nigel Wallbridge commented: “We have acquired Lysatiq for the next-generation performance that its sophisticated software can offer to all our existing and future customers.

“This acquisition, and the new German presence it brings, also represents our increasing commitment to address the needs of the German rail market.”

Prof. Dr.Ing. Carsten Bormann, Managing Director of Lysatiq, added:

“We built our technology to make networked applications work better on vehicles. Nomad is the natural partner to make this actually happen pervasively.

“We are excited that our software will now be in a position to make the journeys of many millions of passengers happier and more productive, and the operations of the vehicles safer and more efficient.”


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