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New branding at Heathrow Express

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In a year when the eyes of the World will be on London, Heathrow Express unveiled the results of a £16 million investment in their business which has taken 3 years to bring to fruition.

On Wednesday evening the operator unveiled its new branding, corporate colours, staff uniforms and a significant refurbishment programme to improve the specification of its trains.

The roll out of the new brand will take place in stages, with the new trains launching on April 26th and the new uniforms following closely afterwards in July, just in time for the Olympics.

Keith Greenfield, the Managing Director, explained the thinking behind the launch emphasising that all 460 staff at Heathrow Express were ‘committed to going above and beyond what customers expected from a train operator’.

Following a video of the new brand, guests were treated to a catwalk show as the new uniforms were unveiled.

Daniel Smith, Head of Engineering said:

“I can’t wait for people to see the refurbished trains. We have invested heavily in the First Class and Express Class experiences by consulting with premium brand airline designers and looking at what is expected from a world class travel experience. I really can’t wait for people to see these trains.”

The train refurbishment programme is being carried out by RailCare, with internal design by Interfleet of Derby, new seating designed by Tangerine and carpet by Axminster Carpets.

Heathrow Express is still the fastest way to travel between Heathrow Airport and Central London Paddington Station with trains departing every 15 minutes, taking just 15 minutes to reach Heathrow Terminals 1 and 3.

On average the services carries 16,000 passengers a day, with this set to increase significantly during the Olympics.

Outside of the Games, 58% of visitors coming to the UK will be welcomed by Heathrow Express and its staff.

Up until recently, Heathrow Express was voted Number One in the National Passenger Service results and it’s a title the team want back.

Further details can be found at www.heathrowexpress.com


  1. The logo reminds me somewhat of 1930s Germany.

    The costs should have been saved and gone towards reducing the extortionate fares on HEX.

      • It has never taken me that long.

        There is always Heathrow Connect (well hidden from non locals).

        In any case Paddington is the wrong place to terminate. Should have gone to Euston in the first place. At least Crossrail will make things more flexible, but how will this effect the HEX premium fare?


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