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Network Rail plans to reduce level crossing misuse in Lincoln

Network Rail is developing plans to reduce the risk of misuse at High Street and Brayford Wharf level crossings in Lincoln.

The company is seeking to improve pedestrian access around the city through provision of two new footbridges and is now inviting comments.

Phil Verster, route managing director for Network Rail said:

“We regularly see people rushing across the level crossings at Lincoln High Street and Brayford Wharf once the warnings have started. We even have instances of people lifting the barriers. Clearly this behaviour is highly reckless and dangerous.

“Much level crossing misuse results from people not thinking about the risks but we believe frustration caused by the location of the crossings is also a factor in Lincoln. The crossings here are already the highest possible safety design so we needed a pragmatic, joint effort to further reduce the risk of misuse.

“I am grateful for the support we have received from city, county and university representatives in our development work so far.

“It is important that Lincoln residents, workers, students and visitors also help to refine our designs. On June 1/2 our team will be in the city centre to talk to people. We will also have a webpage and email address to which we welcome all feedback.”

Network Rail is looking to develop designs which are ‘in keeping with and will enhance the city centre’ and has received advice and support from City of Lincoln Council, Lincolnshire County Council and the University of Lincoln.

On June 1/2 Network Rail will be in the city centre, to allow people to see the work which has been completed so far and to comment on and influence the designs’ development. Stands will be held at St Marks and at The Waterside on Friday 1 June from 09.00 – 17.30 and Saturday 2 June from 10.00 – 16.00.


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