National Express targets Spanish high-speed rail

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National Express subsidiary Alsa has been granted a license by the Spanish government to operate trains on the country’s high-speed rail network.

The license, which was awarded by the Ministry of Public Works, gives Alsa the opportunity to target long-distance, commuter and high-speed rail service contracts once the market has been fully opened to private enterprises.

Under a plan to liberalise the Spanish rail market, state-owned operator Renfe is being split into four different organisations spanning the current passenger and freight operations.

Private operators are expected to be allowed to bid for a selection of long-distance and high-speed services for the first time later this year.


  1. It is good to see a British-based transport company actually doing well within Europe, as the constant news of successful contracts being awarded to the big state-owned rail companies has begun to get a little tedious.

    • I agree. British train operating companies need to go for more foreign ventures just like so many European companies are doing in the UK. I would like to see more innovative ideas like these, and much more foreign ventures from British companies in general.


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