Indian Railways ‘to provide Internet on all trains’

Carrying a data card while travelling will soon be a thing of the past, as Indian Railways is working to provide Internet services on all long distance trains.

Railways have recently received the go ahead from Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for using the satellite for the purpose.

A senior Railway Ministry official said the space agency has given the nod for the frequency from KU band for using the satellite for internet.

However, the proposal to provide internet service on railways was planned two years back, but due to absence of the space agency clearance it was held up.

“ISRO’s clearance for using frequency from satellite for Internet is mandatory. Now that we have got the clearance, work on the project will commence soon,” a Railways official said.

As per the proposal, Howrah Rajdhani trains will be linked with satellite for an Internet connection on a pilot basis and because of this, it will be a free service for the passengers.

Indian Railways have set aside $ 1.1 million (Rs 6.30 crore) to provide Internet facilities in Howrah Rajdhani and the project will be implemented by a Mumbai-based company.

To use the Internet service, passengers will get a password send to their mobile phone after dialling a number given by the travelling ticket examiner (TTE). The passenger can then make the Internet operational with the use of the password.

After the success of the pilot project other trains will also be linked with satellite for Internet purpose.


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