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Freightliner launches new improved biomass wagon

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Freightliner Heavy Haul has unveiled its new prototype covered hopper wagon that has been developed for the biomass market.

The wagon is a modified HHA coal hopper wagon which has covers fitted to ensure that the product is kept dry whilst being conveyed from loading site to destination.

The wagon modification was manufactured at the WH Davies workshops at Shirebrook and offers the most advanced design covered hopper wagon in the UK biomass market.

The wagon was moved from Shirebrook to the Freightliner workshops at York earlier this week and has already had viewings from several generating companies who are examining the potential for the generation of renewable power from sustainable biomass.

Michael Leadbetter, Freightliner’s General Manager Coal & Biomass, said:

“Visits by other customers are already lined up to examine the wagon. The wagon and concept has been extremely well received so far by everyone.

“We have worked well with the designers and manufacturers to develop this wagon.

“Having developed its design following consultation with the generation industry, I am now confident to inject it into the market and we will be undertaking trials with it in the near future.”



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