CSX offers rail-ready sites for ‘fast-track industrial development’

CSX has introduced a new program, CSX Select Sites, offering customers an easy way to access certified, rail-ready properties for a variety of industrial uses.

The company invites interested parties to view its new web page with easy-to-use, GIS-enabled search features that show high-resolution views of topography, rail and road layouts, and other significant characteristics of each Select Site parcel.

The CSX Select Site designation indicates “green light” properties along the CSX network where projects can move forward rapidly because all known risk factors have been identified and potential issues resolved.

“Ultimately, these sites will represent many of the best manufacturing properties along CSX’s rail network in the eastern U.S.,” said Clark Robertson, CSX Assistant Vice President-Regional Development.

“The Select Site designation promotes shorter decision timelines, increased speed to market and lower up-front development risk for companies seeking industrial property to place their manufacturing operations.

“All of the data suggest manufacturers prefer certainty in their selection of new plant locations,” Robertson said.

“We intend to assist communities across the network to identify sites that can provide certainty and compete effectively for these new investments and jobs.”

To receive the CSX Select Site designation, the sites – from 100 to 1,000 acres – must meet a rigorous list of key criteria, including infrastructure and utility availability, environmental reviews, appropriate zoning and entitlement, air quality permitting, rail serviceability, proximity to highways or interstates and other attributes.

CSX has partnered with The Austin Company, a nationally known site selection and certification consulting firm, to screen candidate sites and assist communities with the application and certification process.

“The web site’s simple navigation and stable of pre-qualified rail ready sites make this the new gold standard in certified site programs,” said Don Schjeldahl, Vice President of The Austin Company.

“The program certifies rail ready and development ready properties of various sizes and features them on a website that is refreshing in its simplicity and a competitive leader in delivering information.”

CSX welcomes inquiries about candidate sites from industrial property owners and economic development organizations. Thus far, five sites have been certified and 11 are in the certification process.

Click on the “Have a Site?” button on the Select Site homepage to submit your property characteristics and request consideration for the Select Sites program.

Designated CSX Select Sites will benefit from increased marketing exposure via the web site, press releases and promotion materials, and direct marketing to site selection professionals.

CSX has previously partnered with McCallum Sweeney Corporation to certify “Mega” sites – properties over 1,000 acres targeted to appeal primarily to automobile manufacturers.

To date, CSX has assisted five communities across its network with a Megasite certification.


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