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Australian high-speed network to cost $114 billion

Australia’s first high-speed train network will cost $114 billion, according to a government-led study.

Phase 2 of the report into Australia’s proposed HSR system has set out a preferred route for the network along Australia’s East Coast between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane – a total of 1,748 km.

New high-speed trains would reduce journey times between Melbourne-Sydney and Sydney-Brisbane to less than three hours.

The first line would likely be built between Sydney and Melbourne, connecting Sydney and Canberra, before being rolled out in further segments between Canberra-Melbourne, Newcastle-Sydney, Brisbane-Gold Coast and Gold Coast-Newcastle.

Officials believe the network, which would be fully operational by 2065, will carry 84 million people a year, according to estimates.

Anthony Albanese MP, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, said: “High Speed Rail (HSR) connecting the nation’s East Coast capital cities has the potential to be a game-changer, transforming the way Australians live, work and take holidays.

“It also has the capacity to better integrate our regional and metropolitan communities, ease congestion on our roads as well as provide a new foundation for a low carbon, high-productivity economy.

“But equally, HSR would be a monumental endeavour, with very real technical, logistical and financial challenges. That’s why we must take a deliberate, thoughtful approach and this report provides a comprehensive analysis on which an informed public debate is now possible.”



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