Alstom to develop new traffic management system for French rail network

Photo: Alstom Transport /G. Fassino.
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Alstom is to deploy its traffic management technology across the French rail network under a contract awarded by SNCF Réseau.

SNCF said it was part of an “ambitious” programme to upgrade the network’s traffic management systems.

Alstom will initially install its Iconis system on lines between Paris, Lyon and Marseille. This is due to be completed in 2019.

A modern traffic management system is needed to better move trains around France’s rail network, detecting issues and intervening to minimise disruptions, SNCF has said.

Around 15,000 kilometres of railway around the world is currently managed by Alstom’s Iconis system. It is in the process of delivering a new system for Sweden.

Patrick Jeantet, chief executive of SNCF Réseau, said: “This collaboration with Alstom represents an important step in the programme to modernise operational traffic management launched in early 2016.

“This programme will optimise traffic management and therefore the fluidity of railway traffic.”

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