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Alliance looks to reopen all Waterloo International platforms

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An alliance set up to boost capacity on London’s commuter railway has set out proposals to reopen the four remaining empty platforms at Waterloo International, having already committed to returning trains to the abandoned platform 20.

The South West Trains-Network Rail Alliance has announced its intention to reopen platforms 21 to 24 in an attempt to increase capacity from Waterloo.

It was already understood that the alliance was working to return services to platform 20 from spring 2014 – around seven years since the final Eurostar service left Waterloo International.

In a statement released today (August 14), South West Trains said: “The blueprint to deliver capacity for almost 10,000 extra peak-time passengers on the route in and out of London Waterloo by 2019 could involve a staged programme of additional, longer trains, platform extensions and re-openings, as well as signalling, track and power supply improvements.”

The strategy includes plans to extend platforms 1-4 to accommodate longer trains and to carry out track and signalling improvements.

The alliance is also hoping to see the first of a new fleet of trains arrive in 2016, having already launched a procurement process for 135 carriages.

Tim Shoveller, managing director of the alliance, said: “Our network is currently one of the busiest in Europe carrying more than 210 million passengers a year.

“We already have confirmed plans we have in place to deliver improvements in capacity over the next two years. However, the huge success of the railway in the UK means it will get significantly busier in the next two decades and beyond.”


  1. It seems to have taken an eternity to re-arranging the throat at Waterloo, to shorten the ex Eurostar platforms and then extend 1 – 4 to accommodate 10 coach trains. The DfT has dragged its feet over this issue,and Network Rail should have revealed a plan for the trackwork and not just the retail mezzanine floor on the concourse. This one has gone on and on and ……..

  2. Has non-one thought about extending the line at Waterloo so it turns right and joins up to the Waterloo East line? It would need an audacious flyover in front of Waterloo Station, but would provide a really cheap and easy Crossrail3. The efficiencies of operating through platforms might pay for the scheme, as was the case for the initial Thameslink service…

  3. Intriguing idea connecting SW lines to SE lines, but check up the history! That connection did exist, but was taken out. The idea of a double track level crossing over the Access road, with buses, taxis, bicycles and the odd car or two would be interesting ……
    I have seen a diagram for it but taken out best part of 100? years ago. Doubtless the Ian Allen bookshop (other Railway Book retailers do exist, but it’s the nearest) will have an appropriate history text with the details.
    But for today, forget it!
    It is a pity they can’t re-use the country end of the Eurostar Snake Trainshed somewhere else. It is an attractive structure.

  4. 100 years ago there actually was a connection between Waterloo Main Station and the Waterloo East Line. A single track ran through the main station and connected via a bridge over the road outside. I believe it enabled a meandering through service to run between Euston and Cannon Street. I am not suggesting that would be viable or even desirable today of course, something far better would be needed if the two systems were ever to be reconnected..


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