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Invensys Rail Dimetronic will implement the first ERTMS Level 2 system in Turkey

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) trusted Yapı Merkezi and Invensys Rail Dimetronic for the implementation of its ERTMS Level 2 FUTUR 2500 system in the High Speed Line between Ankara and Konya.

The Turkish company Yapi Merkezi, main contractor of the superstructure works, has relied on Invensys Rail for the design, manufacture, supply, supervision of the installation, tests and commissioning of the ERTMS Level 2 system.

The project includes the implementation of FUTUR 2500 Level 2 with RBC’s (Radio Block Centre), Juridical Recorder Unit for ETCS Level 2 and on board radio GSM-R and the extension of onboard equipments to ERTMS Level 2 FUTUR 3000 system for six train units.

The CTC will be modified and extended in order to display the new track circuit sections due to the implementation of the ERTMS Level 2. Also, FUTUR 1300 ERTMS Level 1 will be reinforced with Dynamic TSR’s (Temporary Speed Restrictions) that will operate in parallel, with Level 2 to allow the operation of the vehicles in case ERTMS Level 2 is not operative.

Currently, Invensys Rail is delivering the signalling and the ERTMS Level 1 system for TCDD in the High Speed Line, as subcontractor to Yapi Merkezi, contracted in 2008. The system to be installed includes Westrace Electronic Interlocking, FS3000 jointless track circuits, LED-type wayside signals, FUTUR 1300 (track) and 3000 (on-board) Level 1 ERTMS and a CTC to be located at Ankara station.

The progress of the project was visible last December, when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan rode a train on Ankara-Konya high speed line. Prior to that, eight test runs were conducted in a three-day test period and a speed of 120km/h was reached without any problem.

The new High Speed Line is over 212 Km in length allowing a maximum speed of 250 km/h. This section links with the Ankara-Istanbul line at Polatli station. The Turkish State Railways, TCDD, is foreseeing future connections of the line to the cities of Izmir and Afyon.


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