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Mechan jacks up Innotrans presence

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Rail depot equipment specialist Mechan will be turning the spotlight on its flagship lifting jacks at this year’s InnoTrans exhibition.

For the first time, visitors will be able to see the Sheffield-based heavy lifting expert’s eye-catching apparatus in action from September 20-23 on stand 206E in the British Pavilion, hall 2.2.

A full-size working jack will form the centrepiece of Mechan’s display and demonstrate its innovative Megalink controller. This patented system allows an unlimited number of units to be linked together and raised in perfect synchronicity by just one operator.

Richard Carr, Mechan’s chief executive, said: “Our jacks are a distinctive sight when they are lined up together in rail depots and the gigantic yellow structure is sure to grab the attention of passers-by at InnoTrans.”

The firm also offers a wide range of under car equipment, under floor lifting systems, traversers, bogie handling and storage, bogie presses and equipment drops.

Under car lifting systems – sometimes known as engine removal tables – work with Mechan’s jacks in depots with flat floors. They comprise a powered lift table that travels laterally underneath the raised vehicle and engages with the engine raft. For other environments, under floor lifting equipment can be created to raise complete trains or single rail cars, reducing the time it takes to service components beneath the carriage.

Mechan is making a name for itself in the production of large-scale bespoke installations. It built the largest traverser in the UK for the Port for Felixstowe and can design cost effective products for any size or weight vehicle.

The term bogie handling covers a variety of items that make the removal, refurbishment and maintenance of bogies safer and more efficient. Some of the firm’s most popular lines include turntables, lifters, lifting platforms and rotators, which provide access to all areas of a bogie in an ergonomic and safe manner. When space is at a premium, low or high level stands and stacking frames are also essential for stowing spare bogies securely and efficiently.

Following build or repair, a bogie press is required to ensure the ride height is set correctly and Mechan usually advises clients to fit a spreader beam under the rails that transfers the bogie’s weight to the press structure, for better performance.

As maintenance times come under increasing scrutiny, equipment drops are a popular addition to depots, allowing the removal or replacement of complete bogies or under carriage equipment without decoupling vehicles. This makes a change feasible within two hours and can save valuable time on other underfloor work.

By continuing to deliver this durable, cutting edge equipment, Mechan is attracting new business on a global scale. Richard concluded: “Recent success at home and overseas has enabled us to invest in our best ever InnoTrans display and we look forward to unveiling it in front of colleagues old and new.”

For more information about Mechan’s product portfolio, speak to its sales team at InnoTrans, telephone (0114) 257 0563, visit www.mechan.co.uk or follow the firm on Twitter, @mechanuk.

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