A Revolution in Safety, Performance and Efficiency for Lineside Signalling Power

Are you ready to join the revolution in railway asset management? Asset Managers, Engineers, Maintainers and Technology Specialists have been coming together to drive a step-change in safety, performance, efficiency and reliability in lineside signalling power assets using CableGuardian from Viper Innovations.

To date we have demonstrably saved tens of thousands of delay minutes, dramatically reduced maintenance costs, increased lineside signalling availability on critical routes at the same time as greatly improving safety for maintenance staff and the public by predicting and preventing lineside signalling power failures. This amazing start to our life in the railway is set to continue with more and more people taking the decision to transform their asset management, maintenance performance and electrical safety management by taking advantage of our innovative technology and unparalleled, proactive service.

CableGuardian enables the application of Total Asset Management by providing the ability to predict a wide range of characteristics in lineside cables, switchgear and transformers far earlier in the cycle. The functionality of the system allows changes in insulation resistance from GOhms down to Ohms to be continuously measured. It allows cable capacitance to be measured to support target earth measurements. It will allow the user to identify a broken earth rod connection to prevent a ‘hot loc’ scenario. It will measure voltage, current and volt-drop and will pinpoint a failure in the case of cable damage. The ability to trace and map multiple parameters allows us to effect machine learning by recognising and characterising system parameters as they change, with new failure modes being learned over time.

CableGuardian with our web-based portal and connection to RADAR is the only product approved Tier 3, 2 and 1 system on the market and our ongoing service model enables the user to identify changes in system and individual asset characteristics as soon as they happen, allowing investigation to be planned safely and efficiently well before they become failures. Our collaborative working with asset managers, maintenance staff and engineers is finding new, important failure modes in lineside assets meaning that the return on investment in CableGuardian increases over time. This continuous monitoring enables us to identify and characterise multiple measured phenomena to point experienced railway staff to the point of a failure just by recognising a small change in system parameters.

The CableGuardian service model and innovative technology means that the minimum possible intervention can be planned, providing you with the ability to plan renewals years in advance, smoothing out expenditure. It gives the ability to deliver safer trackside working by avoiding high-pressure disruptive possessions, red zone working and scrambled recovery works. It delivers unparalleled availability and reliability in signalling power, avoiding the huge disruption of implementing degraded mode working and it provides a step change in Electrical Safety Management by preventing electric shock risk from earthing issues on the network. So if you are interested in investing in Total Asset Management for your lineside power assets now, into CP7 and beyond, CableGuardian is the technology and Viper are the team for you! For more information visit www.viperinnovations.com

Photo credit: Viper Innovations Ltd

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