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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Welsh Government endorses recommendations on tackling congestion

The Welsh Government has endorsed the recommendations of the South East Wales Transport Commission on tackling congestion in South East Wales.

In a line-by-line response, the Welsh Government has accepted in principle all of the recommendations to tackle congestion. It has also outlined the progress that has been made and the next steps for delivery.

Transport for Wales has established a dedicated “Development Unit” to provide ongoing advice on the recommendations and develop a delivery programme.

Responding to the Commission’s recommendation to increase the number of train stations and services in the region, the Welsh Government has confirmed it will work with partners to increase capacity, reduce journey times and improve network resilience. These partners include Transport for Wales, Network Rail and the UK Government, which remains responsible for rail infrastructure under the current devolution settlement.

Ken Skates, Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales, said: “Tackling congestion on the M4 around Newport remains a priority of this Government, whilst also being mindful of the need for decarbonisation, improved air quality, transport equity and a robust response to Covid-19.

“The spirit of the recommendations is closely aligned to our recently published new transport strategy – Llwybr Newydd. Integrated, low carbon and multi modal Metro transport networks will be the future of Welsh transport.

“Progress is underway on taking forward many of the suggestions raised by the Commission. It is an ambitious set of recommendations that will lead to significant improvements for the region, and we take them forward with a sense of urgency and the knowledge that action is needed.”

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