Stadler and Solaris announce tram partnership

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Stadler Polska and Solaris have announced plans to create a new consortium to bid for tram orders in Poland and across Europe.

The joint venture plans to initially bid for a tender to supply trams for the city of Krakow but is already eying up other opportunities.

Solaris, a company better known for building buses than trains, entered the tram market in 2009. Several European cities now operate Solaris trams, including Leipzig which is in the process of accepting 41 new vehicles.

“We aim to still grow our activities in the light rail market and therefore we searched for a renowned strategic partner for the further development of our products and facilities in the Poznań area and also to utilise our excellent market contacts and even grow our engineering and car body manufacturing competence,” said Solange Olszewska, owner of Solaris Bus & Coach.

Working with Solaris will also allow Stadler Polska, which employs 800 people at its factory in Siedlce, to develop its light rail offering.

Peter Spuhler, the chief executive and owner of Stadler, said: “Close cooperation between Stadler and Solaris will enable companies to strengthen their positions on the tram market in Poland and other European countries.

“Product portfolios of both companies are complementing themselves very well. We will be able to profit from one another also in our technology development. Therefore I am very pleased with the cooperation with Solaris.”

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