Northumberland level crossings get critical safety update

Crucial changes to three level crossings in Hexham will take effect from Friday 12 May, improving rail safety in the town.

Bells level crossing will be downgraded from a public highway to a bridleway in order to prevent use by vehicles. Telephones have been installed for horse riders, allowing them to cross safely.

Tyne Green level crossing and footpath will be permanently closed and pedestrians will be able to cross at Bells level crossing which is approximately 100m away. Spital level crossing will also be downgraded to a bridleway, with full access for pedestrians, cyclists and horses maintained.

The scheme has allowed for an additional route to be created on the riverside of the railway and improvements have been carried out to the existing riverside route.

Darren Lord, Route Level Crossing Manager for Network Rail, said: “This project has been discussed for many years and has been carried out with the full backing and involvement of the Northumberland County Council and Hexham Town Council.

“Both Bells and Spital crossings were skewed previously, but we’ve changed these so that pedestrians are able to cross in a straight line. This will shorten the time that users are on the railway by making it quicker and safer for them to cross.”

Image credit: Network Rail

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