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Network Rail publishes Environmental Sustainability Strategy

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Network Rail has published its Environmental Sustainability Strategy, which forms a key part of its ambition for rail travel to be the cleanest, greenest form of mass transport. Although rail is already one of the greenest ways to travel, Network Rail wants to make it even greener so it can help tackle climate change and play a leading role in helping to build a green economy.

This is particularly important in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Though the long-term effects
of the pandemic are not yet known, the railway has a huge role to play in supporting the government’s ambitions to build better. Network Rail wants passengers to know that it is committed
to making the network as environmentally sustainable as possible.

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy is a guide to how Network Rail plans to manage the way
the railway is run, to leave a lasting, positive environmental legacy for future generations. It also sets out important commitments around protecting the railway from the effects of climate change,
improving biodiversity and minimising waste. Planting more trees and developing long-term strategies to improve the railway’s resilience in the face of climate change are just some of the ways
the infrastructure owner will maximise the positive contribution of rail for its passengers, society and the UK economy, while minimising any negative impact on our natural

Commenting on the launch of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, Martin Frobisher, director of safety, technical and engineering at Network Rail, said: “Our aim is to serve the nation by providing the cleanest and greenest form of mass

“We begin from a strong starting point. Rail is already green compared with other modes of transport but there is still a lot more that we can do. Today we are launching ambitious plans to reduce our emissions, improve our resilience to climate change and to be good for nature in
the places where we operate.

“It is an exciting plan with many detailed commitments which will enable us to meet our targets. We will be working closely with our suppliers and with other industry partners to deliver these commitments.”

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