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Network Rail chairman named New Londoner of the Year 2023

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Network Rail’s chairman, Peter Hendy, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill, has been named New Londoner of the Year 2023 for his positive contribution to the capital and his work in the public transport sector in London.

At this year’s awards, which took place at the Guildhall earlier this week (Wednesday 15 November), Lord Hendy was recognised for his dedication to delivering high standards in public transport in London and his impactful leadership at both, Network Rail and Transport for London (TfL).

Speaking at the awards, Peter, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill, said: “I’ve spent my career, or at least the latter part of it at TfL and Network Rail, making the case for public transport connectivity, which creates growth, jobs, housing, social cohesion and sustainability. Connectivity makes places and better connectivity makes better places.

“The railway needs structural reform which this Government have talked about and the next one will have to do, otherwise the huge investments politicians talk about won’t deliver their true value.

“I’m working on Victoria, Waterloo, Euston, Stratford and Clapham Junction, all of which are big enough stations to be better places than they are, and to make the areas around them better too. They won’t be completed in my tenure at Network Rail but I’m following the wise advice that if you’re given a big organisation, your job is to look after it, make it a success, and leave it for others better than you found it.

“I hope I did that at TfL and I’m trying to do that at Network Rail and London Legacy Development Corporation. And when I do step down, then I can properly sit in the House of Lords and remind those in Government that ought to be their mantra too.”

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