Morson develops app to check if contractors are ‘fit for work’

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Responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, rail recruitment specialist Morson Group is preparing to supply its 3,000 remote workers with early intervention technology that will help to identify whether contractors are experiencing common signs and symptoms of Coronavirus before they go to site and mux with other workers.

Developed to create a ‘safety first’ culture amongst its workforce, the ‘Fit For Work’ app – built in partnership with technology and Artificial Intelligence specialists – prompts contractors to answer a series of ‘shift relevant’ questions via an app on their smartphone before work is started, to ensure they are attending site in line with company policy.

Though the technology was originally created to assess factors such as having access to the right PPE and whether an individual has received a sufficient health and safety brief for their role, in response to the spread of the Coronavirus the app has been updated to ensure workers displaying potential symptoms do not attend site and aren’t exposed to those who are vulnerable or classed as ‘high risk’.

Using facial recognition technology to validate a worker’s identity, the app takes a time, date and location stamp to ensure accuracy of timesheet data – a unique facility within technical industries such as rail, engineering, defence and more. If required, and in support of new guidance on self-isolating and social distancing, the app issues an immediate notification to Supervisors who can then safely advise a worker on whether to progress to site or take alternative action.

The data can also be used to track which workers have been present on specific sites, and who else has been in their vicinity. Anyone found to have worked with an individual who later displays symptoms of the Coronavirus will be immediately informed and advised on next steps.

With more than 60 locations across the UK, the Morson Group is currently running a pilot of the software on site with rail workers at its Canning Town branch, ahead of a national roll out to candidates and clients in other sectors. Once fully implemented, it will be fully accessible to its entire contractor workforce.

Ged Mason, CEO of the Morson Group, said: “The safety of all our workers is absolutely paramount to both our clients and the Morson Group. Those working in sectors such as rail and engineering are already at an inflated risk when it comes to health and safety, but to ensure we continue building, maintaining and repairing the essential national infrastructure and operations the UK relies upon, they must continue in their day to day duties until Government advice advises otherwise.

“Rolling out this technology puts the right health and safety mechanisms in place to protect them and their wider workforce – both in current circumstances and future conditions – and allows us to retain our position as an agile business which puts people at the centre. We are delighted to be partnering with and utilising the latest technology to do so, and welcome the opportunity to lead in this field, both for ourselves and for our clients.”

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