Idaho rail to benefit from $34.1m Union Pacific investment

Credit: Michael Rosebrock/Shutterstock.
Credit: Michael Rosebrock/Shutterstock.
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Union Pacific has announced another round of investment to improve safety and efficiency across its railway network.

The rail operator connects 23 states across the United States and has now revealed plans to spend $34.1 million in Idaho.

The majority of the funding – $30.2 million – will be spent maintaining track with $2.1 million going towards bridge maintenance.

Included in the package are a number of key projects. This covers $13.3 million for the line between Athol and Eastport to replace 29 miles of rail and $9.9 million investment in the line between Athol and Naples to clean and replace the rock ballast underneath. In addition Union Pacific will spent $1.8 million on the line between Athol and Eastport to replace 8,265 railroad ties.

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