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The board of Syndicat des transports d’Île-de-France (STIF) has approved the start of work on the first section of lines 16/17 and an extension of line 14 for the Grand Paris Express project.

The €4 billion package of works includes 29 kilometres of railway and nine underground stations. This is broken down as the first 27-kilometre section of lines 16/17 between Saint-Denis Pleyel and Noisy-Champs, and a 1.5-kilometre extension of line 14 from Mairie de Saint-Ouen to the future station at Saint-Denis Pleyel.

Line 16 and 17 will share a six kilometre core between Saint-Denis Pleyel and RER Bourget. Line 17 then branches off and will eventually extend to Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Work has already begun on line 15 of the Grand Paris Express, which together with lines 16/17 will create a new orbital rail network around the centre of Paris.

The Saint-Denis Pleyel-Noisy-Champs section of line 16 is scheduled to open in 2023.