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Friday, June 9, 2023

New helmet screen provides face protection and inhibits the spread of Covid-19 for wearers of hard hats

Workwear and PPE manufacturer Portwest has reacted to the current COVID-19 pandemic by releasing a low-cost yet effective face screen that will attach to regular hard hats and protect wearers from fluids and splashes.

The lightweight and durable screen, which fits easily onto most hard hats and safety headgear, offers protection from splashes to the face while maintaining optimum visibility with no reduction in comfort. It provides all-day protection and is spacious enough to fit over prescription and safety eyewear.

Portwest has developed this durable and transparent screen to provide additional facial protection for those who anyway wear hard hats while they work. No additional headband is needed, one size fits all and the screen is easy to attach to most makes of hard hat.

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