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RailStaff Awards 2023: The event of the year

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Every year, the Railstaff Awards gets bigger and better, attracting more interest, more sponsors, and more entries. The industry has its fair share of awards evenings, but the RailStaff Awards stands apart from the rest. It’s an evening when the railway family comes together to celebrate star employees from all levels of the industry.

Get nominating

There are 18 categories this year, with team and individual awards. Each prize is handed out to the people who keep the industry going, and you won’t find an award for any organisation or firm. A few companies may win some of the kudos for their association with the event, but it’s the staff who take home the honours at the end of the night.

Each contender is nominated by someone they know – whether that’s colleagues and co-workers, management, friends, union reps, or even the general public. There are only two rules – you can’t nominate yourself and you can’t work for RailStaff Publications Ltd or any Rail Media Group company, though it’s also preferable if the nominee doesn’t work for the category’s sponsor!

Once all the nominations are received, the details are posted on the Awards’ website and the public voting commences. Anyone can visit the website and vote for their favourite nominee, whether it’s for an entry that has really impressed them or just to support a friend.

After the public voting is complete, details of the top 15 nominees in each of the 18 categories is sent to a panel of expert judges, who choose the winner and two ‘highly commended’ entries for each category.

If you think you know someone that deserves an award then go ahead and nominate them. Just fill in the form online and the nomination will be added to the site as soon as it has been authorised by a member of our team. Nominating is free and will only take a few minutes but could make a huge difference to someone.

Nominations are open and the entry deadline is 11th October 2023!

An amazing evening

The RailStaff Awards is a spectacular evening and a celebration of the people who make the industry great. If you’ve never been before, now is the time to book your tickets and prepare for the night of a lifetime.

Attendees are guaranteed an amazing experience with delicious food and drink, and spectacular entertainment – usually involving overhead acrobatics and fire breathers, or, like last year, motorcycles doing death-defying stunts in a metal cage. As the compere runs through the categories, each winner collects their award to thunderous applause then, with the presentation over, the night really begins.

As casino tables open, fairground rides burst into life, the dance floor beckons ready for those who want to dance the night away. This truly is a magnificent night to remember.

Whether you’re nominated or nominating, make sure to grab your ticket to the rail industry’s greatest night of the year. You absolutely don’t want to miss out!

Tickets can be booked at:

or by contacting:

Tel: 01530 816450
Email: [email protected] 

Follow us on social here, and get in touch should you have any sponsorship/promotion inquiries.

Join us on 30 November for the industry event of the year. Soak up the atmosphere, spectacular entertainment, and great company.

We can’t wait to see you – it’s going to be another magnificent night!

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