Thales renews signalling contract for Madrid-Seville high speed line

Thales announced earlier this month that they had renewed their contract to continue providing signalling systems and maintenance for the Madrid to Seville high speed line.

The contract covers corrective and preventive maintenance of signalling systems which includes: electronic interlocking, track circuits, trackside signals; train protection systems LZB and ERTMS, as well as detection systems of falling objects, power supply systems, and technical buildings for a period of 21 and a half months.

Thales has been responsible for maintaining the line since its inauguration in 1992, with subsequent contract renewals, keeping facilities in perfect order to ensure service at all times.

To carry out the services Thales has eight maintenance centers located along the line and incorporates a new center in Torrejón de Velasco, responding to an installations increase for the new high speed line Madrid-Valencia, with which it shares its first 27 km.

The Madrid-Seville high speed line has a total length of 470km with double track, to which 21km of La Sagra-Toledo branch line is added. Commercial service started in 1992 and Thales was responsible (within a consortium)  for signalling systems and LZB train protection system.

The branch that joins La Sagra with Toledo, which completes the high speed link between Madrid and Toledo has been in service since 2005. Thales was responsible for LZB and ERTMS train protection systems, as well as for the necessary adaptations on the branch shared with Madrid-Seville line.

Currently in Spain, Thales is also carrying out similar signalling maintenence work for Madrid-Valladolid and Córdoba Málaga high speed lines, as well as for other conventional network lines, including commuter lines.


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