Alstom’s Lapa factory completes 20th train of PRASA fleet

Photo: Alstom.

Alstom’s Lapa factory in Brazil has finished the 20th train of a new fleet of X’Ttrapolis Mega trains for the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA).

Completion of the 20th vehicle of the €4 billion order marks the handover of production from the site in São Paulo to a brand new factory in Dunnottar, South Africa.

Once at peak production, the factory in Dunnottar will build around 62 trains a year, Alstom has said.

The remaining 580 trains will be built locally by the Gibela consortium over the next 10 years. A knowledge transfer process is already underway between the two factories.

Announcing the milestone, Rosângela Tsuruda, general director at Lapa, said: “In addition to infrastructure, we are pleased to contribute with technical expertise for this project, providing access to modern rail technology systems and empowering Gibela employees with various facets of rail skills.”

The first 16 X’Ttrapolis Mega trains are already in service.

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