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Transport Minister launches 5 new PLUSBUS rail ticketing schemes

Local and Regional Transport Minsiter, Norman Baker MP today launched the 290th new ‘PLUSBUS’ integrated ticketing scheme, with the introduction of a PLUSBUS scheme for Lewes.

From 22 May 2011 another five rail-served towns will be covered by PLUSBUS: Didcot, Lewes, Leyland, Macclesfield and Morecambe. PLUSBUS is Britain’s only nation-wide integrated train to bus ticketing scheme.

PLUSBUS offers train travellers the ability to buy, with their train ticket, a discount price bus pass for travel to and from the station (and around the whole urban area of the town that is at the start or finish of their train journey).

PLUSBUS tickets can be bought at all National Rail station ticket offices, by phone and online from most rail ticket retailing websites.

PLUSBUS is a nation-wide integrated ticketing scheme, that aims to encourage train travellers to use the bus for their journeys to and from the railway station. PLUSBUS ticket prices start from £1.50 a day, with season ticket prices starting from around £9 a week.

What’s more, Railcard holders (including students, families and disabled people) get one-third off the normal PLUSBUS day ticket price.

Local and Regional Transport Minsiter Norman Baker MP said:

“I am delighted to be launching PLUSBUS for Lewes today. This new integrated ticket should encourage more train travellers to hop onto a bus to continue their journey – a greener and more sustainable option than everyone piling into their cars and clog up the towns roads”.

He continued: “As the Government Minister responsible for local transport, I am particularly keen on integrated ticketing like PLUSBUS. It makes door-to-door journeys by public transport more convenient and better value-for-money for passengers.”


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