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Monday, August 2, 2021

China introduces real-name ticketing for high speed rail services

In a bid to improve security and ticketing fraud, China has introduced real-name tickets nationwide on its high speed services.

Those wishing to purchase tickets for high speed trains must now show identification.

Train services classified with the letters C, D and G indicate the trains’ speed is over 200km per hour, classifying it as a high speed service.

Beijing and Shanghai have already started to sell real-name tickets for their high speed trains, the rest of China will begin to do so this week.

The new system accepts 23 types of formal identification.

Random checks will be carried out by railway authorities to confirm the identity of the person using the ticket.

However, this new system means that identification numbers and names will be on tickets, which could be a security risk. The Ministry of Railways is urging passengers to dispose of their tickets properly to avoid any risk of personal identification fraud.


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