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£700k investment sees automatic ticket barriers installed at Hull Paragon

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New technology, designed to give TransPennine Express (TPE) customers a smoother journey, has pulled into Hull Paragon station.

Automatic ticket barriers have been installed at the station during the past few months and began operating on the morning of Monday 22 May, to give rail users a more secure and streamlined experience.

The £700,000 investment at the station continues TPE’s commitment to delivering improvements for its customers using Hull Paragon.

Darren Higgins, commercial director at TransPennine Express, said: “Hull Paragon is a vitally important station for us and we are delivering on promises to make improvements at the station.

“The installation of the staffed gateline will help to create an even safer environment for our customers.”

TPE Hull Gateline 220523

The new barriers, similar to those found at many stations across the country, help to reduce the number of customers travelling without a valid ticket, discourage anti-social behaviour, and enhance security.

Darren added: “The introduction of automatic ticket gates at Hull Paragon interchange will provide customers with an added sense of security, ensuring those at the platforms are genuine rail travellers.

“The automatic gates also streamline ticket checks, meaning customers are able to move through the station more quickly and effectively. We’ve recently recruited nine new Revenue Protection Assistants, to ensure the safe operation of the gates and provide our customers with assistance as people get used to the new gatelines.”

To ensure queuing is minimised, TPE carried out a detailed examination of passenger flows at Hull station, considering future passenger growth, to determine the number of gates required to ensure safe operation at all times.

TPE gateline staff will, at their discretion, allow non-rail users on the platform if they are assisting a customer.

Image credit: TransPennine Express

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