Nomad Digital selected as Wi-Fi provider for Amtrak

Nomad Digital’s best in class technology has been selected by Amtrak for the nationwide deployment of their AmtrakConnect® Wi-Fi service.

Amtrak has set the stage for further expansion of its popular on board free Wi-Fi service in 2011, following its well-received introduction on the Acela Express route, between Boston and Washington D.C., and last month’s addition on Amtrak Cascades trains in the Pacific Northwest.

Nomad already provides the systems and network operations for Acela Express and Amtrak Cascades. The new services will be deployed using Nomad’s cutting-edge technology, which is capable of aggregating multiple wide-area networks including 3G cellular and 4G (e.g. LTE, WiMAX) technologies into a single train-to-shore link to maximize the available bandwidth.

Amtrak plans to install the AmtrakConnect® service on Northeast Corridor services and on more West Coast trains by the end of this year. Wi-Fi equipment installations will soon begin on more than 450 Amfleet® railcars.

“In this digital age, it is more vital than ever that our customers have Internet connectivity while traveling,” said Emmett Fremaux Jr., Amtrak Vice President of Marketing & Product Development. “Through this expansion program, and coupled with our dedication to the continued improvement of this innovative product offering, Amtrak is prepared to meet this need.”

“Nomad provides Internet links to trains around the world. This Amtrak contract ensures that trains in the USA will be among the best connected anywhere,” said Nigel Wallbridge, Nomad’s Executive Chairman. “This on-train Wi-Fi platform will also offer great potential for adding new services to improve train travel for US passengers.”



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