New MacRail App to Revolutionise Site Access Management

The MacRail App is a new, state of the art technology that revolutionises the site access and sign in process across the rail industry. 

Utilising the latest mobile technology, MacRail can now offer to undertake much of the site sign in process prior to operatives arriving on-site. This application will reduce sign in times, improve workforce planning and guarantee operative compliance prior to arriving on site.  

Site Access is a crucial service within the rail industry, it is the gatekeeping service that ensures operatives entering your site are safe and compliant with industry regulations. Currently Site Access Controllers undertake all checks upon sign in, visually checking and manually signing in each individual. For larger sites this can see some operatives taking over an hour to reach their workstation, therefore reducing their productivity across project programme.  

The MacRail App has been developed to overcome these inefficiencies, whilst ensuring that all safety critical elements of the sign in process are fully maintained.  

Using mobile technology, the MacRail Site Access service allows all workforce information to be pre-populated onto the MacRail system and ensure that all site and safety briefings have been viewed, prior to the operative arriving on site. By providing a facility for online sign in will significantly reduce site access check in times, therefore the only checks required by the Site Access Controller will be the visual and security inspections.  

You can find out more about the app on our explanatory video:

Key Features 

The MacRail app has been designed to reduce the time it takes to sign operatives into site, by capturing operative data and information prior to them arriving on site. The key features of this application include: 

  • Operative profile – Store key operative information such as name, email address and contact number. 
  • Card authorisation – Upload and store information on registered cards, such as Sentinel, including verification status. 
  • Shift details – Pre-populate an operative’s upcoming shift information, including uploading all associated site and safety briefings. 
  • Briefings – View all pre-recorded site and safety briefings from your mobile device. 
  • Specialist Information – Operative can confirm if they are a first aider or a lone worker. 
  • Shift journey – Operatives confirm departure and arrival postcodes. 

Key Benefits 

This new mobile technology has transformed the site access process for the rail industry, promoting the “Passenger First” philosophy thereby increasing productivity in times of reduced possession times. The key benefits of this technology for our clients are: 

  • Reduces the sign in time of all site operatives. 
  • Ensures consistency of site and safety briefings.  
  • Improves on-site productivity and active working times.  
  • Easily identifies “no show” operatives. 
  • Pre-competency and sentinel checks can be carried out in advance.  
  • Supports Network Rail ethos and mission statement. 
  • Easily integrated with MacRail Control Room for smaller sites  
  • Use of application is free to all MacRail Site Access and Control Room customers  

The MacRail App is available for free to existing MacRail Site Access and Control Room customers on Android and iOS.  

To find out more about the new MacRail App or to enquire, please visit: 

Photo credit: MacRail

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