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Network Rail approves Enerpac’s Lightweight Rail Stressing Kit

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The Enerpac RP70A lightweight rail stressing kit for railway maintenance crews is now Network Rail approved. The RP-70A hydraulic rail stressor and Enerpac ZC3-Series battery powered stressing pump provide a cordless, zero emission, rail stressor kit for rail track thermite welding.

Traditional fully assembled rail pullers are too heavy for operators to comfortably transport and deploy safely and quickly. The RP70A stressor uses modular components that can be assembled and installed on site without the need for tools, making preparation for rail stressing easier and safer. Assembly typically takes less than two minutes.

Registered with UK National Rail under Certificate of Acceptance PA05/06958, the Enerpac rail stressing kit is designed for railway maintenance crews who assemble and install the rail puller directly on site when adjusting the gap between rail ends for rail stressing, rail welding, repairing rail failures and servicing insulators. The durable, easy-to-assemble components, where each component is either a one or two man lift, including ZC3-Series pump and hose set, are up to three times lighter than similar tools. The complete kit can be transported in an optional specially designed steel transport frame.

The Enerpac RP70A stressor has a 70-ton pulling and 35-ton pushing capacity while holding the rail in neutral length during the thermite welding process. It uses aluminium, double-acting hydraulic cylinders enclosed within steel sleeves to protect the cylinder rods from damage, particularly weld splatter. For ease of handling and lifting, the RP70A includes certified lifting eyes.

The stressor is interchangeable with a range of powerpacks and is compatible with the cordless Enerpac ZC3-Series battery powered pump for a complete clean energy solution. This is especially useful when conducting rail stressing in tunnels and other enclosed spaces.

“For rail maintenance engineers faced with track that’s inaccessible without the cost and delay of using a crane to install a fully assembled rail puller, the Enerpac RP70A is the perfect solution,” says Patrick Frencken, key account manager North West Europe, Enerpac. “What’s more, when used in combination with an Enerpac ZC3-Series battery powered pump you have a far greener and safer operation compared with a gas/petro-powered hydraulic pump.”

Image credit: Enerpac

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