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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Preparation begins for improvements to Metrolink Bury line

Advance work that will pave the way for improving Bury line Metrolink stops for passengers will begin this week.

The improvements, to take place later this year, will include repairs, deep-cleaning, better lighting, more CCTV coverage, better cycle facilities, lift refurbishments, and repairing and upgrading canopies.

The work will begin by clearing vegetation from the areas around the Metrolink stops between Bury and Crumpsall.

Philip Purdy, GMPTE’s Metrolink Director, said:

“Clearing some of the overgrown vegetation will improve visibility and security for passengers using the stops, and will also enable us to carry out the further improvement works we have planned – which are essential if we’re to bring the stops on the Bury line up to the same standard as those on the newly refurbished Altrincham line.

“We expect this clearance work to continue for four weeks starting on Monday 31 January, and we will work with our contractors to ensure that disruption to residents and businesses is kept to a minimum.

“Normal services on the line will continue.

“We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and before the work was scheduled, ecological surveys were carried out on site so we could be sure that there were no protected species present.

“The work is being done now to avoid any disturbance to wild birds, and should be complete by the end of February, before their nesting season begins.”


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