New York City Subway’s No.7 extension progresses

Construction of the ‘No. 7 Subway Extension,’ which will provide new subway service to 34th Street and 11th Avenue, continues to make significant progress, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has announced.

As part of the project’s largest contract, the boring for two parallel subway tunnels is complete.

The contract, which also includes excavation of a three-block long cavern for the subway station, a station platform and mezzanine level, is 85 percent complete. It has a contractual completion date of September 2012.

The concrete pours which create the main cavern arches for the station have also been completed.

A systems contract, which will include rail track, all mechanical, electrical and related systems throughout the tunnels, station, ventilation buildings and the main subway entrance at 34th Street is currently in procurement, with a forecasted award date of July 2011.

This is the last contract needed to initiate service on the No. 7 Line Extension in December 2013.

An additional contract for a secondary entrance to the subway station will be awarded in the future, but its completion is not necessary for service to begin on the new subway extension.

The No. 7 Line extension will go from the intersection of West 41st Street and Eighth Avenue, west under 41st Street, and turn south under 11th Avenue.

A new terminal station will be located at 34th Street and 11th Avenue, allowing convenient access to the adjacent development and the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

The 7 line extension will introduce subway service to an emerging mixed-use community in Midtown West, fostering transit oriented development in one of Manhattan’s most underserved and underdeveloped areas.

The City created two local development corporations, the Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corporation (HYIC), which is contributing $2.1 billion to the project, and the Hudson Yards Development Corporation (HYDC), which oversees planning and development in the Hudson Yards on behalf of the City.


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