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Heritage line looks at running commuter service

The Worth Valley Joint Transport Committee have funded a feasibility survey, examining the possibility of running a commuter style service along the Keighley and Worth Railway, the line featured heavily in the film ‘The Railway Children.’ The aim of the service would be to help relieve the heavy congestion that local roads currently face.

The report concluded that the proposed service, which could be operated either by the KWVR or a third party, would generate revenue of at least £39,000.

The service could be run with, excluding train crew, 4 members of staff. It also reports that the current bus service is relatively slow and unlikely to offer the step change to encourage motorists out of their cars.

It is envisaged at this stage that there would be 4 services in the morning and evening peak periods, allowing passengers to connect with the national network at Keighley and travel onwards to Leeds, Bradford and Shipley. Although, as many of the costs associated with running a commuter type service are fixed, the possibility of running an all day service has also been examined.

Northern Rail, who operate national rail services at Keighley has said: ” We’re happy to support them with our expertise to work up the operational logistics for running a commuter service.”

The KWVR will report back to the JTC within the next 6 months.


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